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Tacos de Arrechera, Skirt Steak Tacos

This is definitely not your typical ground beef taco! This dish is made with juicy skirt steak and cooked the way you like. You can get arrachera from a street vendor or in a restaurant in Mexico.

Typically the skirt steak is marinated over night. Everyone has their own recipe that involve at least olive oil, onion, and garlic. I’ve done both marinated and not marinated and I think I prefer not marinating. It’s quicker and you get a real good beefy flavor.

Two of my favorite taco “toppings” are Yucatan pickled onions and pineapple habanero salsa. 

The Yucatan pickled onions are so easy to make and so pretty. Warm up a vinegar sugar mix. The mix should be two parts vinegar to one part sugar. You want to warm it up until it dissolves. Let it cool before covering the onions. If you pour hot liquid over the onions they will turn a weird dark color and we’re going for this bright pink.

The pineapple habanero salsa is easier. Just mince up some pineapple, fresh is best but canned will do. Then just mince in some habanero to taste and let it rest before using. If habanero is too hot then feel free to try it with jalapeño. That sweet and spicy go really well with tacos and even chips!


Tacos de Arrachera
Delicious and juicy steak taco.
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  1. Skirt steak (about 1/4 lb per person)
  2. Up to 2 tablespoons Olive oil
  3. Salt & pepper to taste
  1. Take steak out of fridge at least an hour before cooking.
  2. Heat griddle, skillet, or grill to medium high.
  3. Spread oil, salt, and pepper on steak and massage in.
  4. Cook steak for 3-5 minutes on each side depending on how well you want it cooked.
  5. Rest on cutting board at least ten minutes.
  6. Slice the meat into thin strips across the grain. Serve.
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