Kimchi & Cornbread


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This is by far one of my favorite cookies and I think they are totally underrated.


Strawberry Cloud Cake

I can’t wait for strawberry season just so I can make this cake. It’s definitely a must make cake for my sister and I. It does need a gentle hand to come together but it’s totally worth it and if you bring this to a summer picnic or cookout you will definitely impress people. 


Chocolate Glazed Buttermilk Mini Donuts

It’s National Doughnut Day and what better way to celebrate than by making these easy and delicious chocolate glazed mini donuts!


Arnold Palmer Cookies


These lovely cookies are named after the non-alcoholic drink that was named after the famous pro golfer. In the south, we know them as half and halfs. 


Black Forest Cake

This cake can be a little time consuming but it’s totally worth it. It’s even tastier the next day!


Orange Cardamom Mini Bundt Cake

This cake is so easy to make but looks so impressive when you serve it. It’s also a perfect dessert to share with a date so keep this in mind for your next date night!


Decadent Chocolate Zucchini Bread


If you are a gardener or know a gardener then you are probably being flooded with zucchini right now. Fear not because this recipe is a delicious way to use up the zucchini and even share it with friends. I use it as a sneaky way to my hubby to eat some veggies:)


Easy Peach Pie with Buttery Flakey Crust

I love this time of year and I love when peaches start rolling into the farmer’s markets. It’s a promise of the sunshine and hot sunny days that are coming. Unfortunately the first peaches aren’t that ripe yet but I always feel the need to buy a basket or two. One of the best ways to enjoy them now are in a beautiful pie.


Easy Strawberry Ice Cream

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Even after making fresh strawberry jam earlier this week we still have quite a few strawberries left for other yummy things like strawberry ice cream. Nothing beats homemade ice cream.


Banana Walnut Sticky Buns

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This is definitely not the type of thing I make often but I was having a really bad day and nothing cheers me up like making bread and something sweet. I had some bananas that were getting really ripe and I really didn’t want banana nut bread so I decided to combine cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, and banana nut bread. Just the smell alone was enough to perk me up.